Modül:Tıklanabilir düğme 2


-- This module implements . local yesno = require('Module:Yesno') local p = {} function p.main(frame) local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, { wrappers = 'Şablon:Tıklanabilir düğme 2' }) return p.luaMain(args) end function p.luaMain(args) if not args[1] and not args.url then return end local data = p.makeLinkData(args) local link = p.renderLink(data) local trackingCategories = p.renderTrackingCategories(args) return link .. trackingCategories end function p.makeLinkData(args) local data = {} -- Get the link and display values, and find whether we are outputting a -- wikilink or a URL. if args.url then data.isUrl = true = args.url if args[1] then data.display = args[1] else data.display = args.url end else data.isUrl = false = args[1] if args[2] then data.display = args[2] else data.display = args[1] end end -- Classes local class = args.class and args.class:lower data.classes = {} if class 'ui-button-green' or class 'ui-button-blue' or class 'ui-button-red' then table.insert( data.classes, 'submit ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all' .. ' ui-button-text-only ui-button-text' ) else table.insert(data.classes, 'mw-ui-button') end if class then table.insert(data.classes, class) end -- Styles do --[[ -- Check whether we are on the same page as we have specified in -- args[1], but not if we are using a URL link, as then args[1] is only -- a display value. If we are currently on the page specified in -- args[1] make the button colour darker so that it stands out from -- other buttons on the page. --]] local success, linkTitle, currentTitle if not data.isUrl then currentTitle mw.title.getCurrentTitle success, linkTitle pcall(, args[1]) end if success and linkTitle and mw.title.equals(currentTitle, linkTitle) then if class 'ui-button-blue' or class 'mw-ui-progressive' then data.backgroundColor '#2962CB' elseif class 'ui-button-green' or class 'mw-ui-constructive' then data.backgroundColor '#008B6D' elseif class 'ui-button-red' or class == 'mw-ui-destructive' then data.backgroundColor = '#A6170F' else data.backgroundColor = '#CCC' data.color = '#666' end end -- Add user-specified styles. = end return data end function p.renderLink(data) -- Render the display span tag. local display do local displaySpan = mw.html.create('span') for i, class in ipairs(data.classes or {}) do displaySpan:addClass(class) end displaySpan :attr('role', 'button') :attr('aria-disabled', 'false') :css{ ['background-color'] = data.backgroundColor, color = data.color } if then displaySpan:cssText( end displaySpan:wikitext(data.display) display = tostring(displaySpan) end -- Render the link local link if data.isUrl then link = string.format('[%s %s]',, display) else link = string.format('%s',, display) end return string.format(, link) end function p.renderTrackingCategories(args) if yesno(args.category) false then return end local class args.class and args.class:lower if class 'ui-button-green' or class 'ui-button-blue' or class 'ui-button-red' then return 'Kategori:Eski tip ui-buton-rengi kullanan sayfalar' else return end end return p